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When England's new national curriculum was unveiled, few of the changes caused as much consternation as the reform to ICT, rebranded as computing. Now the subject has had a few weeks to bed in, #ukedchat took the opportunity to ask teachers how they were coping.

@MrDMeyer was finding it to be an evolution rather than a revolution, saying that the new curriculum "doesn't seem much different to what we've being doing with Bee-Bots, iPads, etc".

@JamesDavid22 agreed, suggesting that "vocab is the main thing that puts others off".

In terms of teaching the children everything they needed to know, @day_tom said he was finding it "difficult" to fit all aspects of the curriculum into one hour a week. Another problem posed by @DCallanIT was keeping computing interesting. He claimed that "most boards' coursework tasks are out of touch with the interests of young people".

For @MrJLight, the biggest difficulty will be "building on what children know two years down the line when they have been coding for several years".

But @Robotic Scholars felt computing was worth the effort, saying that effective teaching at primary level was essential as "it will define our futures".

Who knows, the creator of the hoverboard may be in your primary Bee-Bot lesson.

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