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As online networks develop, it would be easy to assume that teachers preferred to engage in CPD over the internet. However, that is not necessarily the case, according to a recent #SSDchat (schools, students, and digital-learning chat).

When discussing their favourite way to learn and grow in their teaching, participants overwhelmingly emphasised more traditional methods.

@StacyRoberts41 said her approach was to "follow reading, then trying, then failing and then trying again".

Written advice was also praised by @keveland2, who said: "I've read some amazing books this last year. The Book Whisperer, Teach Like a Pirate, Falling in Love with Close Reading."

@Malekelly pointed out that using traditional media often contributed to professional relationships online, saying that "books seem to lead to communities". He also recommended university courses, because "face-to-face rocks".

@TiffaniDBrown, meanwhile, confessed her preference for larger groups, saying she loved the "energy, resources and collaboration" at conferences.

However, as @toribryant9 pointed out, you don't need to travel to find inspiration. "Favourite way to learn and grow in teaching.watching other peers, working with a team making new ideas together."

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