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"Technology must be used to enhance learning - using it just because it is there is plain wrong." That was the view of @FatBlokeThins in a recent #UKEdChat on making technology an effective tool for all educators. How, or indeed whether, to use technology has also been debated recently on #edchat, which asked why teachers who got good results needed to use technology at all.

According to @mm684, technology was "simply one more tool in the teaching toolbox, but it is much more important today than ever before". @bradmcurrie agreed it should be used, saying: "Educators should always try something new to promote the success of students. Status quo is never an option."

@wmchamberlain preferred more traditional methods, such as lectures, but said "like steak, I don't want it every day".

Some argued that teachers' failure to use technology might not be down to lack of interest. The "enthusiasm is often there.but there is no time to learn", @fitrzyk said. To solve this problem, @ShiftParadigm suggested matching technology to teachers' individual styles.

@MsCrilleyGrade7 pointed out that it wasn't just teachers who benefited from using technology in the classroom: "The kids need to learn to use the tech because we are a tech-driven world".

Sarah Cunnane

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