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To mark World Teachers' Day last Sunday, TES asked the educators of the Twittersphere to tell us why they taught. Using the #whyiteach hashtag (not to be mistaken for the Geordie version #whyayeteach), thousands of answers were soon being exchanged across the globe.

Some were 100 per cent altruistic, such as @davebeccles, who told us that he taught "because it is one of those jobs where you do it entirely for the benefit of others".

Elsewhere, @kicsprincipal wrote that "nothing is more important than helping the next generation reach higher than we have reached".

Others, such as @wmar98, explained that their motivation was seeing the "light-bulb moment" when their students "got it".

Yet more loved the excitement. "Because I share a room with 30 emotionally incontinent people five hours a day and that's an exciting way to make a living," @1stclown said.

Many simply wanted to give something back. Perhaps the most touching contribution was from @dcntito, who tweeted: "I was EAL [English as an additional language], FSM [free school meals], vulnerable and looked-after and yet the state system gave me a life-changing start so that is #WhyITeach today." Amazing.

Ed Dorrell

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