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After spending the past eight weeks watching the highlights of a year at Frederick Bremer School, television viewers bid farewell to the latest in Channel 4's Educating. documentary strand, #EducatingTheEastEnd.

In the final episode, we were introduced to Christopher, a student with autism whose positive outlook on life affected everyone he met - even through the TV screen.

@ThePejoristUK said: " `Have a positive day' needs to be on a card stuck to my bathroom mirror", while Educating Essex's @vicgoddard proclaimed that he'd want Christopher on his "dream dinner guest list".

@SophiaSavMac applauded Frederick Bremer's inclusive spirit, saying she was "so pleased to see another person with autism thrive in mainstream education".

This was something that @WellbeingforFE expanded on, pointing out that Christopher was able to keep up his sunny attitude because of the support of the staff, which, she said, "shows the importance of inspirational teachers who believe in their students".

Christopher also had an immediate impact on another reality TV star - Tough Young Teachers' @olivermbeach: "I've wished three people a positive day today. Damn it feels good. Thanks, Christopher!"

Sarah Cunnane

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