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Creativity and innovation are such buzzwords in education that it's easy for them to lose all meaning. In the midst of data-mining, paperwork and meetings - not to mention the ever-looming threat of an Ofsted inspection - it can be easy to discount creativity and innovation as something that happens on the fly; a happy accident of education rather than a planned outcome.

However, as a recent #edchat made clear, things may not be that simple. As @ShiftParadigm put it: "In classrooms, the greatest barriers to creativity and innovation reside BETWEEN OUR EARS. Creativity and innovation are not spontaneous acts of brilliance.[but the] result of hard work, nurture and passion."

The need for broad knowledge was also touched on, with @wmchamberlain remarking: "The number one barrier to innovation in the classroom is the attitude that content is more important than context."

Elsewhere, @blairteach said she often saw "an attitude that creativity and innovation are `frills' instead of essential".

So how do you get creativity into your lessons? @drvcourt suggested "not being afraid to fail", while @nalang1 advised: "Creativity at its best involves knowing yourself and knowing your end goal. The adventure happens in the middle."

Sarah Cunnane

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