Editor's Letter

Run, don't walk. That's the message teachers are receiving. Back to school and straight into the literacy hour, target-setting, home-school contracts, baseline assessmentI It's enough to leave you breathless.

So get off the treadmill for a few minutes and enjoy some of the ideas in this month's TES Primary.

For starters, we hope you and your class have as much fun with the training shoes feature on page 10 as we have had putting it together. Designed to help you find ways to turn pupils' tendencies toward fashion-victim-hood into a multi-faceted topic, it will run and run. Then you can dash into the rat race with rodents from London Zoo on page 40.

Of course, the literacy hour is at the front of everyone's mind, and our Write Away competition (pages 31 to 38), produced in conjunction with the National Association for the Teaching of English and McDonald's, will bring an extra dimension to your lessons. You can use theseoriginal autobiographical stories by popular children's authors as a springboard for pupils' work. Our judges are looking forward to reading their creations.

Diane Hofkins Editor TES Primary

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