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Editor's letter

This has been the year of "the dome", and many of your pupils will have visited that giant tent on the Thames before it is finally sold. But it would be unfortunate if they thought of the millennium monument as "the" quintessential dome, because spherical structures go back thousands of years. They crowned great public buildings in the ancient world and glorious places of worship for many religions. Our beautiful feature on domes and their history (pages 8-13) will help you round out your pupils' understanding. A radical innovation in dome technology came in the mid-20th century, with Buckmnster Fuller's distinctive geodesic structures. You and your pupils have a chance to build one, in what is definitely the most challenging segment of our Global Village series.

We have a rich and varied issue this month. You can find out what makes infants love Shakespeare, how teachers and assistants can work effectively together, what the new grammar training holds in store and how parents can enhance children's maths learning by taking a walk in the park. And, as it is the start of a new school year, make sure to read Gerald Haigh's delightful view of taking the register.

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