Editor's letter

"Only connect..." is a much-quoted phrase from EM Forster's novel, Howard's End. This month our ICT project on communication looks at how people have connected down the ages, from smoke signals to today's super-fast computers (page 27). Your pupils will have a chance to try out some of these methods, such as Morse code, and will get a taste of what it felt like when the pace of life was slower and most communication was by no means instant - and any that was had to be very terse.

Children today live in a world dominated by speed. Sometimes it's necessary to slow down, to examine core values and spiritual needs. Paul Noble's piece on pilgrimages (page 10) changes the pace.

Creative writing as both a powerful means of communication and a spiritual journey is explored in Carolyn O'Grady's article on an education action zone's "Book Lounge" project (page 16). Here, the medium is part of the message. Poems were written on curtains, chairs and sofas to bring extra dimensions to the experience of verse.

We hope this issue connects with you, and brings inspiration and enjoyment.

Diane Hofkins

Editor TES Primary

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