Editor's letter

When the fighting is over, the news moves on. Another story, another war zone takes centre stage. But the people who live there can't turn the page. The children of Afghanistan have to build new lives and return to damaged and derelict schools - vast numbers are going for the first time or can't yet go at all. TES Primary is proud to be involved in the Children Helping Children campaign, run by The TES and Unicef, to encourage your pupils to raise desperately needed funds for their education.

The story of Garana (page 14), an Afghan refugee in a Pakistani camp, is a tale of hardship and of hope. Garana's life is difficult and circumscribed. But she knows that education is her lifeline. "If you can speak languages, you can understand what people are saying and get things done easier," she says.

Garana is 10 years old. She and her classmates, along with the pupils you teach, are the future of this small and connected world we live in. Your pupils can hear, read and identify with Garana's story, and, in The TES every week, the stories of other Afghan children, of different religions and ages, now living in many different places, all longing for a brighter world. By encouraging your class to raise funds, you can help them to help change those lives for the better.

Diane Hofkins, Editor TESPrimary

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