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Editor's letter

What does the futre hold for your school? Samller classes? Challenging targets to meet? A stronger focus on the 3Rs? Will you follow the Government's advice on this, or do something completely different? It's up to you and your colleagues.

This month we've examined David Blunkett's preferred alternative. He's encouraging all primary schools to provide 45-60 minute literacy and numeracy 'hours' daily from September. We've looked into the future and found two very different schools already doing both. It has meant substantial changes, and some losses, but both beileve they have found the right path for them.

As in any initiative, good teachers, training and resources make it work. The Department for Education and Employment's literacy teaching framework should now be reaching schools, with training materials to follow in the summer. To help you think about it, this month's TES Primary project is a lieteracy hour for a rainy day. With April around the corner, there should be plenty of chance to use it.

Finally, many thanks to everyone who has written in to express an interest in our plans to set up an advisory panel. We have been deighted with the response.

Diane Hofkins

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