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The Educating Yorkshire team are on the hunt for their next school - are you ready to star?

Do you dream of being the next Mr Drew? Could you give Mr Mitchell a run for his money?

The producers behind current hit TV series Educating Yorkshire are looking for another school to propel into the national consciousness.

Whichever school is chosen will follow in the footsteps of Passmores Academy in Harlow, which was the focus of Educating Essex back in 2011. The school is now oversubscribed and deputy head Stephen Drew won legions of fans – not to mention his first headship – in the process.

Currently, millions of viewers are turning in to Educating Yorkshire to follow the trials and tribulations (and successes) at Dewsbury’s Thornhill Community Academy.

Now producers TwoFour are looking for another UK school willing to let in the cameras and share its secrets with the nation.

“We want to capture the experiences of both staff and a diverse range of pupils,” said the show’s assistant producer Rebecca Symons. “From the new Year 7s finding their feet at ‘big school’ to older students negotiating the ups and downs of being a teenager.

"Once again we will be looking to use the technique of fixing cameras to the walls, which allows us to film very unobtrusively, without the need for production staff in the room.

“We know the strength and impact of this series relies on us finding an enthusiastic school with a forward-thinking headteacher who will be excited at the prospect of working in close collaboration with us.”

Vic Goddard, head of Passmores, told TES that participating in Educating Essex had been "an interesting journey of self-discovery” for the school. "I didn’t think anybody would be interested," he added. "My own naivety made me think that only my mum and Harlow would watch it.”

Reckon your school fits the bill? To find out more, email

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