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Education consultations: get involved

Want to influence what will happen to schools before the next initiative is dumped on you? Want to have a real say over matters such as behaviour, inspections and the curriculum? Few teachers take advantage of the official consultations that are carried out, even though the internet has made it easier than ever to submit responses.

We've launched this page for teachers who want to make their voices heard. Cynics often argue that consultations are hollow exercises, but the responses to official consultations have to be counted. And the more teachers who make their views clear, the more likely they may - one day - get what they want.

Below are some of the latest consultations, which we have divided into: School-wide; Curriculum and inspections. We've also added links to the latest school-related petitions to Downing Street. Let us know if we have missed anything by emailing

Bookmark this page to check what consultations are currently open and how you can contribute.


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