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'Education's answer to Gordon Ramsay'

A politically-incorrect maths teacher from a Middlesex prep school has emerged as a staffroom idol.

Austin Vince, who appeared in both the current and last series of That'll Teach 'Em, seems to have impressed teachers with his sharp put-downs.

Reprimanding a pupil for swearing, Mr Vince told him to "make English your preferred medium of communication and not some south London patois".

Other typical comments include "Don't give up so easily, you're not French" and, in a car maintenance lesson, "Get some fingers on to those nuts, let's get 'em spinning".

In one episode, Mr Vince informed pupils that they were being allowed to continue with their bricklaying lesson.

When one student asked to see the headmaster, Mr Vince replied: "To thank him or build a little wall around him?"

Teachers on The TES staffroom website described Mr Vince as "ace" and "education's equivalent of Gordon Ramsay".

"It's interesting that we are all drooling over a teacher who works at an independent school in real life," one teacher said. "He can make comments such as those without too much fear of his management's reactions."

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