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Election shake-up for secondaries

AN independent review of Clackmannanshire's three secondaries is being launched to head off a repeat of last year's "disappointing" exams performance. There are also concerns about 5-14 test levels.

Coincidentally, inspectors are already assessing the authority's education service and expect to unveil their report in late summer or early autumn.

A consultant will draft a report by the end of September into the management of the secondaries and how they can raise attainment. Detailed discussions in schools with senior management, principal teachers and classroom teachers will focus on the improvement agenda. School boards will be consulted.

Councillors in the authority, which changed hands from the SNP back to Labour in the May elections, have already signalled the need for a shake-up and the quality improvement and continuing professional development sections are being strengthened ahead of HMI's report.

Standard grade results last year dipped significantly across different levels while the downward trend at Higher meant that only 4 per cent of the S4 roll achieved five or more passes, a ranking matched by Glasgow.

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