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Elocution: should teachers set an example?

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. You can join the discussion at:

manc: On Teachers' TV, I am struck by the way some younger members of the profession speak in class. They drop d's and t's from words - "Wha' I wa'

yuh uh'do now, guys" and some have very strong regional accents Robsia: I do try to speak very clearly and use a wide vocabulary, and explain words that the kids probably won't understand.

endymion: I have noticed none of the other teachers speaks with a clear accent-less speech. Most use a form of Estuary English and get along fine.

A good number also speak like the kids do - "cool" and "guys" being favourite words.

Freespirit777: I find that I speak really well when I'm teaching, I think that the more I have to listen to the chavs and their dropped 'h's and 'innits', the more I speak standard English!

Blazer: I hate the "cockneyisation" of the language caused by the kids watching bloody Eastenders!

These comments are personal opinions

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