Emotional intelligence gets the Seal of approval

Christine Howard

I am the headteacher of a primary school where Seal has helped to transform the learning experiences of students. I found it extremely sad to read that Tom Bennett believes EI is a waste of time. I hope he takes the time to reflect and seek further information from schools where the understanding of emotions is helping children - and, indeed, adults - to find success.

I would probably agree with Mr Bennett that much of what is considered the next big thing in education is generally nonsense, but there is such a thing as common sense. This is not meant as an attack. Mr Bennett's view simply underlines how far away we are as a society from understanding how to make a real difference to the lives of children who do not have the family support to enable them to use their education to the full.

As for a child's inner space being sacred, I agree with him. What I believe, however, is that developing that inner space (in ways that do not involve indoctrination) can only be a good thing for everyone in any society.

Christine Howard, Headteacher, Moorside Primary School, Lancashire.

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Christine Howard

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