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Employers set faces against English bac

THE Government should scrap plans for an English baccalaureate and offer pupils the chance to study British history instead of citizenship, employers said this week.

A-levels should remain but numbers getting A grades should be cut to allow employers and universities to "differentiate between the very good performers... and the elite".

Responding to the Government's 14-19 proposals, the Institute of Directors attacked the plan for an English bac, on the grounds it would be impossible to have one qualification for all abilities.

Citizenship had the potential to become a "flabby" subject and a drain on teaching time. Teaching British history could instil a "sense of commonality and loyalty to the UK".

Employers welcomed moves to slim down the curriculum for over-14s, but attacked proposals for modular "pick-and-mix" GCSEs. They also called for AS-levels to be axed as they were a burden on pupils.

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