End fossil fuels in 15 minutes

Has the hydrogen age already begun? An upbeat video from BMW is prepared to make the claim. BMW Clean Energy - Hydrogen Power is a 15-minute account of how cars of the future could abandon fossil fuels and run on a mixture of hydrogen and air.

A prototype clean energy car has already driven 100,000 miles; its only exhaust is water. The video relates the relevant chemistry to familiar classroom activities featuring hydrogen production and electrolysis. Students also voice their hopes and fears about such a huge transformation of our established economic and technological habits.

One copy of the video BMW Clean Energy - Hydrogen Power is free to all secondary schools. It can be ordered from BMW Education Programme, PO Box 635, Harrow HA1 2GS. Tel: 0870 333 0427; fax: 0870 333 0131 or email: bmweduc@dbda.co.uk. It can also be ordered from the website www.bmweducation.co.uk where additional free resources for schools are also to be found.

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