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England: Education Secretary has final say

The Education Secretary makes final decisions over teachers' pay and conditions after receiving recommendations from the independent School Teachers' Review Body.

The review body will receive a remit letter from the Education Secretary, like the one written this month, setting out the issues it must consider.

It then takes written and oral evidence from interested parties including unions, employers, the Government and school governors before writing a report setting out its recommendations.

In recent years, the Government, several "partner unions" and the employers have submitted pre-agreed joint evidence to the review body.

This partnership emerged from the workload agreement signed in January 2003. Classroom teachers start on a six-point main scale from pound;19,161 to Pounds 28,005 and normally move up a point every year. Experienced teachers can then cross the "threshold" to reach the upper pay scale, providing they can demonstrate they have met certain standards. This three-point scale starts at pound;30,339 and goes up to pound;32,628.

Progression can take place every two years but depends on assessment.

Classroom teachers can receive annual teaching and learning responsibility payments from pound;2,250-pound;11,000 for duties such as heading a department.

Heads, deputies and assistant heads are paid on a 43-point leadership scale ranging from pound;33,249-pound;93,297.

Experienced staff who do not wish to take on management positions can become advanced skills teachers on pound;31,491-pound;50,238. An excellent teacher scheme for those who do not wish to undertake the outreach work of ASTs is proposed from September on a salary of pound;35,874. Three higher pay bands operate for all the above to compensate for higher living costs in and around London.

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