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Ask pupils to imagine a day in the life of a postman or woman, thinking about: weather; transport - bike, van or foot; people and animals encountered.

Read Rabindranath Tagore's poem "The Wicked Postman" with pupils, and invite them to write about the morning described from the point of view of the narrator's mother.

Students should read Twelfth Night (II, v) from Malvolio's entrance at line 27 to his exit at line 196, and consider in what respects Maria has been cruelly clever in the execution of her plan.

Ask students to write two letters about the school year so far: the first, to the headteacher, who has asked for a progress report, and the second to an ex-classmate who moved abroad last July. The first should be in conventional format, the other as desired.

What differences are there between the two?

Students should read Thomas Hardy's poem "A Wife in London (December 1899)", and examine the techniques the poet uses to evoke contrast - between telegram and letter, between what might have been and what is.

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