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Groups of pupils could prepare short presentations on different methods of recording and playing music andor information, and the class should vote on which is most useful.

Ask pupils to remember what they did yesterday, and to write down a list of "tracks" - songs, sound effects, dialogue - which would follow the day's events.

Groups could write an episode of a radio soap opera; choose a setting and characters, an introductory story line, and record the episode on audiotape.

In Twelfth Night, Orsino has his own live band instead of an iPod. Read his opening speech; how does it establish his character as regards music and love?

Students could read the ending of Graham Greene's Brighton Rock, where Rose is about to discover the message Pinkie has recorded. Ask students what they think it will be - then turn to the passage where he records it. Why is it more shocking than, for example, a diary entry?

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