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English - An inspector calls

Pupils challenged to predict what will happen in play

A collection of print-based teaching resources (Word and pdf), activities, worksheets, 20 audio files and a range of whiteboard resources have been put together on JB Priestley's play An Inspector Calls by TES English.

Activities featured in collection 1-10 include a pre-reading prediction task. Pupils are given a selection of book covers and posters for the play, and have to analyse them to make predictions about what will happen. They will then be able to see if their predictions were correct, and can participate in a quiz.

It is important for pupils to understand the importance of social, historical and cultural context while studying the play. A timeline of important movements and events leading up to, and following, its first performance has been included, along with an activity that includes an up- to-date example demonstrating the importance of context.

In 30 other collections of print materials, activities and worksheets, they can look at various aspects, including the context, location and setting, entrances and exits, dramatic irony, character, themes and using quotes.

Among the audio mp3 teaching and learning resources are summaries and commentary on many aspects of the play, including dramatic style and technique. Character summaries cover Birling, Mrs Birling, Sheila, Eric, Gerald, Inspector Goole and EvaDaisy, and context and themes focus on class, gender, generations, historical context, responsibility and social context.

Finally, there are interactive whiteboard resources with countdown timer for question time, image analysis tools for further exploration of the text, revision quizzes, identifying characters from the text and stop the clock quiz and quiz editor.

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