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Wherefore art thou, Globe Education?

Wherefore art thou, Globe Education?

Romeo and Juliet is the latest addition to Globe Education Shakespeare, joining Macbeth - released in May this year - in the successful series for 11 to 16-year-olds.

Produced in collaboration with Hodder Education, the series demystifies the Bard's language and offers insights into his plots. They are available online and in book form.

The lines of the play are in large, clear text, with the more difficult words and phrases isolated, next to their definition, in a column alongside.

But the key to the success is the lively link with photographs from three Globe productions of Romeo and Juliet with comments and guidance from the actors who played key roles in them.

There are snippets of historical information throughout under the title "Shakespeare's World", such as the "Elizabethan view of romantic love" in which the smitten are often considered diseased, if not mad.

The book concludes with several pages of examiner's notes, giving GCSE students and their teachers tips on how best to reflect on scenes, write about drama, and show that you understand the context of the period in which the play is set.

Editions of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothing are to follow next year.

What else?

TES English has plenty of Shakespeare materials - professionally produced and free to download.

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