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English - Persuasive writing

What the lesson is about

Videos to inspire primary pupils.

Taking it further

This collection of videos from the much-loved Teachers TV Lesson Starters series can be used to stimulate a variety of persuasive writing activities with key stage 2 (P4-7) pupils. There are full-length videos to inspire all young writers, as well as shorter clips to spark their imaginations and save time.

Full-length videos include primary writing starters based on E.B. White's book Charlotte's Web, which help pupils learn how to write persuasively.

KS2 Persuasive Writing features five lesson starters which are designed to generate pupils' writing. The clips include a variety of topics with "for or against" arguments, such as school uniform - people know which school you are from and you can be proud of it; if you are lost at a museum, staff know which school party you are with; or children whose parents can't afford nice clothes can be bullied if they look scruffy.

Our Neighbourhood - Positives and Our Neighbourhood - Negatives carry interviews with shopkeepers talking about views of their area, while Anti- Smoking has three young people involved in campaigning for an NHS initiative in north London sharing their opinions.

In Keeping Pets, children introduce their pets and explain why they are particularly fond of them, but also point out the disadvantages. The pets range from chickens which lay eggs, to yellow-bellied terrapins which push each other around, to Dizzy the hamster who is very cuddly and friendly and loves to roam around in her ball.

There are also videos on how to use lesson starts for non-fiction writing, writing genres, story development, storytelling, writer interviews and media literacy.

Where to find it

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