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Pupils more interested in the cinema screen than the sports track can learn a lot about Olympic values through five films suggested by Filmclub for this summer term.

What's included?

- Chariots of Fire follows the struggles and successes of two runners from Great Britain, one Christian, one Jewish and both selected for the 1924 Paris Olympics.

- Cool Runnings is a comedy about the first Jamaican bobsled team.

- Geordie is about a small Scottish boy who is teased for his size and signs up for a body-building course. At 21, he heads to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics as a talented hammer thrower.

- Town of Runners is a documentary about young Olympic hopefuls from the Ethiopian town of Bekoji, where running is a way of life.

- Murderball is a documentary following the US and Canadian wheelchair rugby teams - a sport known as "murderball" owing to its aggressive, full-contact nature.

What else?

Join Filmclub for teaching activities to go with each film and encourage pupils to write reviews to be published online. For more information, visit www.filmclub.org.

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