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TES iboard: KS2 journalistic writing

TES iboard: KS2 journalistic writing

What is it?

TES iboard has produced new KS2 English materials full of interactive and printable materials to keep pupils engaged, practise their writing skills and put their imaginations to the test.

TES iboard's Journalist Desk is an interactive resource with an adaptable template for writing and printing a report, together with six stories to cover.

Journalist Desk gives pupils scope to produce individual stories or even make a class newspaper using all of them. Each story has a synopsis for teachers (with a story outline and suggested approaches) and a guide to using the resource. To allow the writing to take place over more than one lesson, pupils' work can be saved locally and reopened in Journalist Desk at a later time.

How to use it

Pupils will be immersed in the role of the journalist from the start: the interface is the view of a journalist's desk, with a PC screen showing emails, a camera with a series of photos, a notebook and a reference book. Pupils click on these to access the story's facts, photos and interviews (evidence in the inbox includes information from a mix of formats: video, written and visual). Teachers can use this resource over more than one lesson since pupils' work can be saved locally and reopened at a later date.

Anything else?

TES iboard has also developed an innovative "Post-it note" feature that opens up a note-taking area for pupils to precis the information they find and then view their notes as they are writing the report.

More resources

More resources on this theme include the popular Newspapers writing resource shared by sueemc. One TES user commented: "Absolutely brilliant. I will adapt the story and PowerPoint slightly to suit the needs of my class, but otherwise you can take this lesson and teach it straight away. You've saved me lots of time! Thank you!:)"

All resources can be found at

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