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Superheroes wage war against dull writing

Kapow! Originally credited to Ilovemarmite, the VCOP Superheroes have deservedly taken on legendary status within the TES online community. Working as a team, Victoria Vocabulary, Captain Connective, The Incredible Opener and Doctor Punctuation fight their ongoing war against boring and bland writing, injecting powerful description right from the first sentence, always ready to rescue the reader from bad punctuation and stilted prose. Ilovemarmite has since added a villain to the mix, Sergeant Sabotage, who needs to be thwarted at all costs.

Zakjan has ezpanded the theme by describing the special powers of the heroes in detail, and many others have used these heroes to create magnificent display materials and activities. Try the dice game from Sazchristi as a literacy starter, to challenge children to use their writing powers. Celebrate exciting sentences with dylax54's superhero stickers (but beware, a Sergeant Sabotage sticker means there's room for improvement).

"A fun way to zap up literacy lessons," says scotswhahae. The portable table mat of special powers is a "life saver", according to missfry40. Have you found the VCOP Superheroes useful in your classroom? Do let us know!

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