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English - Resource of the week

Who will survive?

A plane crash leaves your pupils stranded in a deserted region of Canada in sub-zero temperatures. They have only 12 items to help them survive - can they determine which are the most important?

What is it?

A discursive speaking and listening task contributed by ACOYEAR8.

In groups, pupils must assess the items they salvaged from the wreckage, ranking their value from one to 12. The resource includes:

a task sheet with explanations for pupils;

guidelines for why each item may be useful;

a PowerPoint about how to carry out a group project.

Can they choose between a fluidless cigarette lighter, extra shirt and pants, a bottle of whisky or a compass?

Who is it for?

Key stage 3 pupils.

Why is it useful?

It provides an exciting context that will encourage students to discuss, use argumentative techniques and come to a compromise by listening to each others' points of view.

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