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And not a cross word ...

Use crosswords to make home revision more fun for pupils and parents alike.

What is it?

Parent Ash Sharma found that his daughter Nicole was uninspired by her schoolwork and distracted from homework. Frustrated, like many parents, by the style and content of available resources, he decided to make revision more enjoyable for his daughter by turning existing material into entertaining crosswords.

Sharing these activities with Nicole's peers proved to be popular, so Sharma decided to self-publish a series of Skips CrossWord books, which are now available to buy from Waterstones.

Who is it for?

Tailored to the national curriculum requirements for literacy, numeracy and thinking skills at key stage 2, the CrossWord books are divided into sections including nouns, adjectives and homophones. Sharma is developing CrossWord and CrossMaths resources for all levels up to GCSE.

What else?

Sharma also wants to support schools' fundraising efforts. He has made the books available to schools for #163;4.99 so that they can sell them on to parents at the recommended price of #163;7.99.

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