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KS1 English: stories by familiar authors

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Written by Judith Kerr more than 40 years ago, The Tiger Who Came to Tea is one of the best-loved children's books. A child's world of fantasy collides delightfully with the mundane: a wild animal visits Sophie and her mum in their suburban house, eats and drinks everything, then leaves. Sophie makes sure they buy a big tin of tiger food for the future. No explanation is offered for the tiger's visit and children are left to speculate on whether this is a one-off event.

Lesleyblahblah's PowerPoint asks pupils to begin analysing the text by looking at sentence construction and punctuation. The presentation, ideal for sharing on the interactive whiteboard, reproduces the text with capitals, question marks and dialogue shown in different colours. To explore more aspects of the story, Louise Bruzon has produced a set of worksheets and activity ideas, as well as a link to a website on tigers.

What next?

Jarvisce suggests that pupils write a new version of the book using a different animal - how would it behave? Looking at its characteristics, what problems might it cause if it came to tea?

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