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An English language webquest

What is it?

A webquest is an online treasure hunt. Students are set a task - in this case to research the history of the English language - and then they use the internet to find the answers and resources they need to complete it. They must keep a record of the websites they visit and this helps them to see that there is a whole world (wide web) of resources available to them. Try a webquest with your pupils and let us know how it goes.

How can it be used?

- A single, discrete lesson allowing students to grasp the basic history of our language from Anglo-Saxon to text-speak.

- An introduction to using language in different ways.

- A way of engaging with the concept of word-creation and howwhy new words enter our language.

- A follow-on activity to the Evaluating Websites resource asks students to consider what information on the internet is valuable.

Resources and links at www.tes.co.ukresources009.

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