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Phonics - phase 5 alternative spellings

New from TESiboard is a useful collection crammed with spelling exercises and activities. Letters and Sounds phase 5 covers all of the alternative spellings for phonemes. Each activity focuses on one phoneme and asks pupils to spot and re-type the phonetically spelt words with the correct alternative spellings.

Where a word's pronunciation varies according to southern or northern accent, for example "ar" as in "last" and "or" as in "tour", TESiboard offers different versions for those particular phoneme sets. The exercises can be used as a whole class or group activity at the whiteboard, but, as all the activities are self-marking, pupils can also work independently, checking their progress as they go.

What else?

There are two additional activities that each present a piece of narrative prose that uses incorrectly spelt vocabulary from across the range of phase 5 alternative spellings - a great proofreading game to test growing knowledge of English spelling patterns. And did you know there are now more than 1,000 TESiboard interactive activities available for free on TES Resources?

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