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The Wizard's Assistant

The Wizard's Assistant

For a primary activity full of wizardry and magic, try TESiboard's Wizard Assistant resource

What is it?

An interactive fantasy tale with colourful illustrations and a simple text for young readers.

How can it be used?

Turn the pages using the arrows. The magic wand separates the characters and props from the background for pupils to rebuild the scene. Reset the original page by pressing the book icon at the top. There is a range of TESiboard resources to accompany The Wizard's Assistant storybook. All are available online.

Anything else?

The attached Word document also has all the scenes from the story, for writing and sequencing tasks.

Try this resource with your pupils and tell us what you think.

Find all resources and links at


For more fantasy and literacy resources from TESiboard, visit the collection online.

Shellp_1984 has shared a wealth of topic planning for castles, knights and dragons - it is saving teachers lots of time.

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