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Fantasy writing - primary

Wondering how to inspire high-quality descriptive vocabulary within a fantasy writing unit? Help is at hand: clementinek176 has uploaded pictures of different planet surfaces, which are a great starting point for creative writing. Imagine you have just crash-landed on a mysterious planet - choose a picture and describe in detail what your new surroundings are like. What sort of creatures might live there? The pictures are rich in colour and landscape features to draw out description.

Useful for either extended writing or simply planning ideas, take a look at TESiboard's Space Story Builder. Pupils can create fantasy scenes from a bank of backgrounds, characters and objects. A separate word-processing screen allows them to type in their story, laying it out and creating a title page. This is a new resource, so why not leave a comment?

What else?

Have fun with TESiboard's "start a character" game. Pupils can change the character's clothes, setting, gender and ethnicity.

For detailed planning and resources for fantasy world topics, try resources shared by kaleyjane, which have proved very popular with teachers.

In the forums

A teacher looks for advice on what fantasy themes to use with a Year 1 class - share your ideas.

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