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Drama can help build pupils' confidence, but many teachers are shy of using it. David Farmer's new book Learning through Drama in the Primary Years, aimed at primary-stage pupils, is full of advice.

What is it?

The handbook is split into three sections. The first explains the importance of drama in the curriculum. The second contains a number of classroom activity ideas divided into different areas: role play, storytelling, physical work, decision-making, and improvisation and performance. The third section looks at how drama can be used to explore The Gruffalo, Cinderella and issues of bullying, as well as the experiences of evacuees during the Second World War.

Why is it useful?

Each activity is clearly labelled with the relevant key stages, type of learning (pairs, group, whole class) and suggested duration. Farmer then explains why you should do it and how it is done, and suggests tips, extension activities and variations.

What else?

Stick with the Shakespearean spirit and create a box theatre to stage your own "midsummer night's dream" with instructions shared by SENteacch. Or Mod83 shares a collection of role-play scripts for a humorous and creative exploration of emotions.

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Tes Editorial

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