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English - Resource of the week - Pronounce on the internet

Monitor and test pupils' language with online programme Fluency Tutor, designed for anyone from beginners to reluctant 13+ readers.

What is it?

Pupils practise reading by listening to the programme and reading texts selected by their teacher out loud into a microphone. Fluency Tutor saves the audio for the teacher to mark.

You can set up quizzes to test pupils' comprehension skills - their marks and rates of progress are available for the pupils themselves and for their parents to see. You can also set targets for each pupil and assign exercises for individuals or the whole class.

Why is it useful?

The digital reading voice is unnatural and a little off-putting. But allowing pupils to record their efforts in private helps them to develop their confidence and means you can hear them read on a daily basis. This is usually impossible in large classes.

How to access it

Available from www.texthelp.comUKour-productsFluency-Tutor

Once you purchase a school licence it can be accessed anywhere. Prices start at #163;500 per year.

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