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English - Role play takes flight

What the lesson is about

Role play is a crucial part of children's learning that touches most curriculum areas, giving children understanding of the world around them through acting out roles of adults that they see around them in everyday life.

How to use it

Among the role-play activities featured in this collection, children can practise filling out forms at the doctor, dialling for a take-away or booking an appointment.

There are a number of transport role-play ideas. Cal22 has uploaded flight, bus and train tickets that teachers could laminate to use over and over again.

MissSM has created a set of flashcards a class could use for an airport role play, including a list of questions that a flight attendant may ask at the check-in desk.

LimboBimbo has come up with a useful list of questions a travel agent may ask a customer about their trip. There are lots of role plays about visiting shops and high street services. Pupils can act out the role of the baker (jeweleemurphy), corner shop worker, newsagent or launderette worker. There are signs, posters and adverts to print, as well as appointment or order books to fill in.

Pupils will love the chance to role-play members of the emergency services. Lovemelovemyshoes has uploaded a prompting document for pupils who are making a 999 call, with incident forms for those who are taking the call to use their emergent writing skills.

Another resource, uploaded by primary_music, includes signs, labels, badges and medical record sheets for a hospital role play area. Other role play resources include flashcards, photos and topic words covering a variety of popular topics.

Where to find it

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