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Magic Worlds exhibition

Magic Worlds exhibition

What is it?

A colourful and lively exhibition that delves into the world of fantasy and magic - ranging from the Grimm brothers' fairytales to a journey through lands peopled by witches, wizards, fairies and magical creatures.

Where is it and who will like it?

Staged at the Vamp;A Museum of Childhood in London and running until 4 March next year, Magic Worlds will appeal to primary and secondary-aged children.

Objects on display include costumes, tricks and illusions, film merchandise, optical toys, paintings and ceramics. There are also otherworldly dolls and puppets together with illustrated books and interactive, hands-on activities.

Fantasy literature started in the mid-19th century and some of these stories are about completely separate worlds such as Tolkien's Middle Earth and Narnia.

But magicians and magic have long been associated with the East and, indeed, the tricks of Indian street markets were only brought to England in the 19th century.

Anything else?

Try the display of mirrors. Illusion - where you literally cannot believe your eyes - has always fascinated. They are still as intriguing today. And not only for children.

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