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No more 'Shakespeare's a bore'

Students often struggle to sit through Shakespeare classes in which their peers unenthusiastically read out long segments of iambic pentameter. And there is little most teachers can do about it.

But not any more. TES is delighted to welcome a new partner, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), and its Teaching Shakespeare initiative, launched with the University of Warwick. The resources go live on the TES website on 7 February. They include films of RSC actors and directors working with teachers. These demonstrate methods you can take into the classroom to get students on their feet and actively engaged in the text, in a similar way to the rehearsal process. The aim is to introduce an international standard of teaching Shakespeare in schools. There is an additional option for teachers to sign up for a postgraduate award or MA.

What else?

See the RSC's profile on the TES website, where many more Shakespeare resources are available. Or arrange to take students to a live QA session at the RSC.

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