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Awards for the arts

Got a great idea that could impact on pupils' lives? Want to do something poetic in the community? The Clore Duffield Foundation is offering a third round of grants totalling #163;1 million to support nationwide poetry and literature projects for children and young people.

What is it?

A number of grants (usually between #163;1,000-10,000) for communities or organisations that offer a creative and inspiring way to engage young people with literature or poetry. One initiative that has received funding is the English and Media Centre's Poetry Player project, which will see pupils from two north London schools help to develop a free app that brings poetry to people "on the go".

"We are delighted to be funding such a diverse range of projects," said Dame Vivien Duffield, chair of the foundation. "We want all young people to experience the power of literature, whatever their circumstances."

The closing date for round three of the Clore Poetry and Literature Awards is 17 April. See

What else?

Excite your English class. Check out TraceeO's twaiku resource for poetry, Twitter-style. Spark imaginations with BiddickPhil's creative prompt points.

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