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Low-ability learners are often condemned to the "junior readers" - childish stories that are of little interest. It's no wonder that these young people can develop such a fear of reading. AC Black with Catch Up has developed the Wired series, which aims to help struggling readers by grabbing their attention with inspiring stories about people of their own age.

What is it?

Four books covering teenage topics, short in length and clearly spaced with large illustrations.

- Dead Wood: a gothic tale about a spirit who will not let ancient trees be bulldozed.

- Drawing a Veil: a story about the tests of friendship. When Amina decides to start wearing the hijab, will her friend Ellie help her stand up to the bullies?

- Pitch Dark: one boy's dream to become the goalkeeper of his school's football team.

- Zero to Hero: slow and short, Will feels invisible at school; will he ever get the chance to show off his football skills?

Who is it for?

Readers aged 11-14 but of literacy level 9 (reading age 8).

What else?

Receiving reading assistance can also deter young learners, so why not set up a reading buddy system? Pupils often learn more from each other. Try Miss R's training guide to help you get started.

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Tes Editorial

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