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Review of All Talk

Review of All Talk

Devised and written by The Full English with Dialogics Funded and produced by BT. DVD, workbook and website.

We spend much more time communicating through speech than we do through writing, but it's the written form that has captured the lion's share of attention in English classrooms.

However, spoken language is clearly worthy of much more study than it has previously garnered, and All Talk could be a landmark resource in helping it secure a proper place in the English curriculum.

A set of 15 units covering spoken language in a range of forms, and created by the people behind The Full English and the excellent Teachit resources, All Talk is inspired by Ron Carter's groundbreaking work on language in the national curriculum, and produced by BT. There are personal language stories focusing on the names we use for people in different circumstances, and you will learn about individuals' own language "fingerprints" (idiolect), our attitudes to different regional accents, and everything from talk in school and the workplace to the way we speak during sports training. We also get units on newer modes like texting and tweeting as well as sign language and foreign languages.

Activities are supported by video clips, worksheets and teachers' notes on the DVD and accompanying website. And it's free.


Resources for speaking and listening

Try GCSE Spoken Language resources from TES English to help pupil development on the topic of accents and dialects.

In the forums

A worried teacher looks for advice with grammatical errors in her speech - can you help?

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