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Winning Words - Olympian poetry

What is it?

Winning Words is an interactive online poetry game for primaries and secondaries offering an innovative approach to teaching poetry. Launched to promote poetry throughout the UK in the run-up to London 2012, the game uses words from poetry inspired by Olympic sports and ideals.

How can it be used?

First, choose a style of poetry with your pupils: younger classes might like to try haikus or performance poetry, while older students can have a go at sonnets or rap. Whatever the genre, pupils can find out more about its context and history, then try creating their own. The random word generator helps to get them started and there are images for inspiration, too.

What else?

Once pupils have created their odes to the javelin or sonnets for synchronised swimming, the game allows them to bring them to life through performance, creating artwork or sharing with their classmates. Find out more at www.winningwordspoetry.com.

Try resources from helpfulnomad to help with Olympic-themed poetry- planning or, for more poetry resources, go to the GCSE Moon on the Tides anthology from TES English.

In the forums

Teachers discuss poetry clusters for AQA, controlled assessments and English Literary Heritage. Have you used any apps for teaching English that you'd like to recommend? One teacher is looking for ideas.

All resources and forum links at www.tes.co.ukresources009.

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