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English - A sticky situation

What it's all about

Once upon a time, in a faraway school, there lived a headteacher who was secretly a witch. One day, the witch decreed that the children be led from their safe subject-based curriculum to a dark and mysterious place, writes Steve Eddison.

"Take them to a magical realm filled with fairies, elves, goblins and strange goings-on," she commanded.

And so it happened that a theme week on Fantasy Worlds was declared and we had to invent an imaginary place inhabited by strange and mythical creatures.

After dismissing Blood-Sucking Vampires and Kickboxing Karate Killers, we eventually opted for Leafstalkers while observing Hermione's Indian stick insects.

"Leafstalkers could live in a magical forest," said Jenny.

"They could rescue a beautiful princess from a dungeon in the roots of an ancient oak," said Harjinda.

"Then they could take her back to their den and eat her alive," said Ryan.

"What can eat her alive?" asked Mrs Warburton, a classroom assistant, as she entered the classroom.

"This can," said Ryan, showing her Buddy, who was wondering how long it might take him to evolve into something that resembles a boy's forearm.

While Mrs Warburton hyperventilated in the corridor, the children agreed to abandon Leafstalkers in favour of Buggles. Less than a millimetre tall, they live inside mattresses where they build towns out of tiny dust boulders, dead skin flakes and strands of human hair. In the dead of night, they climb into a sleeper's ear and whisper stories that turn into dreams.

What else?

Try kaleyjane's two-week unit of work. Pupils make their own imaginary land in a shoebox. bit.lytesFantasy.

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