Enjoy the taste of a lighter load

I am the head of a large first school in Northumberland whose involvement in remodelling has been very positive and productive.

We have been actively remodelling our school for some years now and are in tranche 1 of the remodelling stream. All our teachers are allocated the minimum 10 per cent non-contact time for planning, preparation and assessment, and are supported by well-trained, experienced and talented curriculum support assistants.

The benefits of remodelling have been widely felt and teachers tell me that they feel less pressured, and more able to provide targeted teaching.

Assistants say that "they are positively helping to raise standards" and report strong job satisfaction, feeling valued professionally.

Having more education professionals supporting in the school has had a positive impact on the children in terms of both learning and behaviour.

It's no surprise that our key stage 1 results have seen a real improvement.

We have sound evidence that standards are rising as a result of remodelling and that real cultural change is happening. The reduction in teachers'

workload, which is very real, is very palatable icing on our cake! And now we have our Sundays back, we can bake cakes!

Dianne Greenwood Headteacher Abbeyfields first school Abbots Way, Northumberland

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