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The cloud of volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano may have grounded flights across Europe, but a Stirling teacher stuck in Portugal still managed to set her class work by using Glow, the schools' intranet.

Bernadette Cassidy, a P5 teacher from St Mary's Primary, could not get back in time for the new term following the Easter break because of the travel chaos across Europe. But she used an internet cafe to keep in touch with her pupils and set them tasks and assignments based on her predicament.

The pupils discussed what they would do if they were stranded abroad with little money, and uploaded their advice to Glow; they wrote letters of complaint to the airline, using the correct layout and language; and wrote a short report about volcanoes, including information about what they are, why they erupt and what damage they can cause.

Mrs Cassidy is now back safely on Scottish soil after an exhausting journey through Spain, France and England by coach, train and ferry.

"The fact that she took the time to go to an internet cafe and set work for her class considering what had happened to her was just fantastic," said Theresa O'Hanlon, headteacher of St Mary's Primary.

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Tes Editorial

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