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A survey by Forestry Commission Scotland and Sustrans Scotland has found a number of practical solutions that could help promote "active travel" for pupils at Uddingston Grammar in South Lanarkshire.

Both organisations were keen to raise awareness of the health benefits that walking or cycling to school can bring to schoolchildren.

They asked seven focus groups of pupils and adults to identify all the main routes to and from the school within a 2.5km radius. The groups then highlighted barriers or hazards which needed to be overcome in order to encourage more pupils to walk or cycle there.

The survey found there were many measures, most quite small, which could be implemented and greatly assist the promotion of cycling or walking. Hazards included narrow, poorly-lit and uneven paths, heavy or congested traffic, lack of traffic lights, broken glass and vandalism; security issues around bicycles were also highlighted in the survey.

Widening of pathways, signage, lighting, traffic calming, cutting back trees and hedges and bike storage were some of the measures which could help overcome these barriers to active travel.

The plan now is to develop "green transport corridors", 1-2km marked routes along paths, woodlands and urban streets which will all lead directly to Uddingston Grammar.

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Tes Editorial

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