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The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers must be a forgiving union. For we note that the list of local contacts on its website contains the names of members who are actually barred from office - viz J Duffy in Glasgow and E Chalmers in Fife.

Anyone wishing to contact the union in other areas where the NASUWT is, shall we say, thin on the ground are referred to a Glasgow office number, which could be problematic since the headquarters is now in Edinburgh.

Pat O'Donnell the NAS acting regional officer, hangs out in these very Edinburgh offices, although he is listed as the key man in South Lanarkshire. It's all too much to take in.

Mention of the union's luminaries cannot be allowed to pass without welcoming back to the public fray Tino Ferri, its leading spokesman now returned to even ruder health. This will be noticed: his famed bellicosity on behalf of his members led one former Education Minister to assume that his full name was Angry Tino Ferri.

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