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The essential Harry Ree

As one of Harry Ree's former education students at York I was delighted to read Reva Klein's feature (TES, June 28) on the small-scale, but typically significant, intercultural work carried forward in his name. Harry's influence as an educator was profound.

How ironic that he should be featured in the same week as the Goverment's proposals to return to selection.

As headteacher of Watford Grammar School for Boys, Harry wrote a little book called The Essential Grammar School. But courageous and honest man that he was, he turned to challenging his own views. Rejecting the divisiveness of selection at 11, he became a committed proponent of comprehensives, promoting equal access to quality education for all young people. How profoundly different from ideologues whose utterances reflect a vision focused at the end of their own noses.


13 Huntly Road



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